Breeding Bearded Dragons

Bearded dragons are one of the most popular pets in Australia. They come in different colors and are high in demand these days. Breeding bearded dragons is just like a hobby for many people because they love breeding bearded dragons as a pet and love to breed them. Breeding bearded dragons can also be very interesting because it needs care knowledge and expertise at your end.

Breeding Baby Bearded Dragons

It is not the normal animal to breed, because it is challenging, fun, and exciting in terms of their care proper diet plans, and understanding of your animal needs. There are several reasons of why people are so excited while breeding bearded dragons for in their own house. One of the many reasons why people are fond of these unique animals is because of their sweet personalities, beautiful color and cute eyes. People also like these reptiles because of their small size and to make fun at home.

Process of breeding bearded dragons:

The process of breeding bearded dragons is also complicated because it needs some awareness. To identify the sex of bearded dragon for breeding is also very important. You can identify the sex of bearded dragons.

The selection of housing is very important for breeding bearded dragons. Purchase an aquarium which should have a lid to close. It should have a section which has a  temperature of about 35 degrees Celsius. You can use paper which might prove to be a handy substrate. A piece of rock can also be added.

Bearded Dragon Cages

Identify the sex of your animal:

1. In adult animals, the area at the base of the tail will inform you what sex your reptile is. 2. Male bearded dragon has an indentation in the center of the tail which is shown due to the bulge of the hemipenes.
3. Female bearded dragon has a slight protrusion in the center of her tail. Therefore, the age of female dragon should not be less than three months old.

Breeding bearded dragons is not so difficult:

After understanding the process of identifying the sex of your bearded dragon now you need to know that how to breed your beardie. Remember, breeding bearded dragon's process becomes easier after negotiating the sex and the meeting age of both male and female dragons. Luckily, bearded dragons are among the most productive of the agamid. Female dragon must have enough enclosed space which is suitable place for egg lying and breeding, and a then your pair of healthy dragons will successful complete the breeding process.

Special temperature required for the breeding bearded dragons:

Remember for the breeding bearded dragons you need to maintain a special temperature which it usually follows a short brumation period where the temperatures and daylight hours are reduced for two to three months. Remember, by providing such environment to the bearded dragons, they can be convinced to attempt breeding without this brumation period, but if the breeding bearded dragons are not ready for the meeting then it can cause a low fertility rate.

Breeding bearded dragons- How male dragon mate with Female:

Breeding bearded dragons when found suitable temperature and atmosphere then they usually agree for the meeting. Remember, the sexually mature male bearded dragons will cast a shadow to the beard below their jaws, move their heads up and down, and start meeting with the desirable female dragon. When female dragon carries eggs, then in that case her abdomen will expand. It is important to make sure that a gravid female has an egg laying site available to her. If a site is not provided, egg binding could occur, which has the danger of leading to the death of the dragon.

The exact time of hatching the eggs for the breeding bearded dragons:

After sixty to eighty days, the dragon eggs will hatch in which some eggs can turn out to be infertile. After the incubation period is over, the eggs will begin to collapse and within a day (around within 24 hours), the barded dragon babies will emerge. Female bearded dragons leave her babies in the incubator for another twenty four hours to allow them to absorb their yolk sacs and get ready to eat within seventy two hours.

Bearded Dragon Babies