Bearded Dragon Babies

Caring for bearded dragon babies after hatching process is an exciting and excellent experience for the pet owner. So, to care bearded dragon babies you need to do some research and collect the data necessary for the care and protection of your beautiful reptile's babies. This piece of writing will highlight the basic points on the bearded dragon babies and how to care them. Remember bearded dragon babies are easy to take care of them.

Bearded dragon Babies

We will start this process from the beginning and in that case you need to follow the below simple points:

What to do after baby bearded dragons are hatched?

Once the eggs are hatched the bearded dragon babies will start moving from the hatching incubator to a ten to twenty (10-20 gallon) gallon's aquarium upgrading to larger housing as needed. The floor should have a safe substrate or sand which the bearded dragon babies will not swallow or slip on. To get a good substrate you should consider newspaper or kitchen roll. When the your bearded dragon babies approach to the age of 5-6 months old then you can use fine play sand, but never wood chips as if swallowed your beardies will not digest these.

Bearded Dragon Hatching

Key requirements for the caring of bearded dragon babies:

There are also some essential requirements for the proper care and protection of bearded dragon babies. You have to make sure that the aquarium must have enough heat and lighting to keep your beardies healthy, at one end of the housing you need to install a basking spot with the heat directed onto a small rock. Moreover, you also need to maintain the temperature of aquarium between 100-110 Fahrenheit, and other end of housing should be around 85 Fahrenheit. Remember, bearded dragon are basically use to of moving hot to cold areas as they are cold blooded reptiles. So, you need to provide them such environment in which their body can get appropriate temperature. Therefore, in the list of requirement you have to provide bearded babies appropriate environment and other healthy activities to make them relaxed into the environment.

Bearded dragon babies requirement for food:

Feeding food to your bearded dragon babies is also an exciting task. You have to feed your bearded dragon babies 3 times a day for optimal growth the first feed takes place 2 hours after the lights come on. The ideal diets for bearded dragon babies is crickets and try to feed them 4-5 crickets per dragon for the first two feeds. Moreover, feed them few meal worms once a week. In the evening time you have to feed your bearded babies 2 more crickets before their bedtime. Feeding them two crickets before bedtime is important as at least 2 hrs before bedtime to allow digestion, at this young age make sure the crickets are small, around one quarter of an inch and make sure to remove uneaten prey at the end of the day. When feeding crickets it’s a good idea to dust with a vitamin supplement powder to keep your beardies healthy.

The best combination of diet plan will be a fresh supply of vegetables and green 85% of their food should be green with 15% as protein. Frozen vegetables are favorite food for the bearded dragons. Some vegetables are not suitable so it’s best to check with your local breeder who should be able to supply you with a bearded dragon baby care sheet.