Bearded Dragon Care

Many people are fond of keeping different pets in their own home. In the list of different pets bearded dragons are amongst the most derisible choice for the most of the people.
Breeding animals is a hobby for many people where breeding bearded dragon is very important and a quite complicated task for anyone. So, if you are looking to buy a bearded dragon for your own home then you need to understand some important parameters required to keep them healthy and alive in your own home.
Apart from other aspects, bearded dragons care is always very important for the pet owner because they are usually use to of living in to the semi-arid regions of Australia.
This species of dragon is very popular and kept as a pet in homes.

Importance of bearded dragon care:

Bearded dragon care has immense significance, because these reptiles are use to cold water and sandy areas and need care at your end. Therefore beyond daily maintenance of your pets, once they are established to their new environment you can play with them and can make your time beautiful and full of enjoyment.

Bearded Dragon Care

Bearded dragon care should certainly be taken to emulate their natural setting to reduce stress to the animal and for that you need to provide them friendly and natural environment. As should a schedule be developed for lighting and feeding for the same purposes.

Reptile Bark Bedding – Bearded dragon care:

In the list of bearded dragon care a very important thing you need to look is, you must have a sufficient reptile bark or breeding area. It's not a good idea because some Insects like crickets can easily hide under the bark.
This thing can hurt the overall be resulting in the dragon not getting its full meal and sometime when crickets comes out at night, they can bother the dragon. One of the most important reason is, sometime bearded dragon accidentally consume a piece of bark, which can result in terminal ingestion.

Bearded dragon care- Use reptile carpet:

If you are really eager in bearded dragon care then using reptile carpet would be a fantastic idea. These carpets are fairly easy to clean also and they are easy to cut and put into the cage.
Special reptile carpets are best for the bearded dragons because they are comfortable and they feel more comfortable while walking and taking rest. Therefore, bearded dragon care always demands higher attention towards pet owner.

Reptile Carpet

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Keep the cage of your pet regular:

Another major point for the proper bearded dragon care is, to provide them neat and clean their cage regularly. There are different products are available in the market which are very helpful to make bearded dragons cages free from all harmful effects and germs. Make sure that you are using non-toxic cleaning agents.

Bearded dragon care- Suitable Lighting and Heating:

Proper lighting is also very important to the well-being of a Bearded Dragon. A wise pet own always understand this important factor as a best part of the bearded dragon care. A good split of day/night is 14/10.
You also manage this day/night split with the help of a timer. A basking spot is also a must for a Beardie because beardie love such spots to spend her time.

Most of the bearded dragon care experts suggest that to keep such environment in the living area of your pet because it keeps the body temperature of Dragons for digestion and fighting off illness.

The ideal temperature is
1. For 100-105 degrees for adults
2. 100-110 for baby dragons

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Supplementation -

Supplements are also very important for the bearded dragon care in which use of calcium supplement for the beardie is must. You can use Rep-Cal Calcium - with Vitamin D3 and occasionally Miner-All for your bearded dragon care.

You need to give:

1. At least one feeding every other day should be calcium supplemented.
2. One day a week, you need to supplement with a multivitamin such as Herptivite.