Bearded Dragon Diet

Feeding your bearded dragon with a perfect diet plan

Bearded dragons are beautiful pets and lots of people do love to keep them in their houses. Bearded dragon diet is not very special because they eat both insects and vegetables.
The diet plan of these reptiles varies from baby age to adult age. Bearded dragon diet in adult age is usually cricket and some tome they do love to eat pinky mice, the baby lizards and anything else they find tasty. They tend to do best on a varied diet based primarily of vegetables.

Bearded Dragons Diet

To understand the basic bearded dragon diet plan you have to read the key diets of these beautiful dragons is given below:

Bearded dragon diet plan of vegetables:

One of the best bearded dragon diets is the vegetables. Bearded dragons love to eat green and fresh vegetables. The smaller the reptile the more finely they can chop vegetables easily. You can have a perfect blend of mixed vegetables such as shredded carrots, fresh beans, collard greens and peas.
Some reptile experts also suggest mustard greens kale and dandelion greens as best bearded dragon diet plan. Moreover, try to avoid the use of spinach and broccoli in excessive amount, because they can be harmful for your bearded dragon.

They also love to eat green leaf and romaine lettuce but they should be used in lesser amount as they are not suitable for these pets. You have to feed vegetables regularly to your bearded dragons. You can buy bearded dragon diet plan of vegetables from any local grocery store.

Feed them Insects as a perfect bearded dragon diet:

Crickets, mealworms, super worms, and wax worms are best bearded dragon diet. Bearded dragons will usually eat all types of insects easily as they are cold blooded by nature. The insects should be gut loaded before feeding them to your lizard pet which means, you are just feeding them with a nutritious meal.

By doing this you can pass nutrients to your lizard. Using insect as best bearded dragon diet can really help your pet to grow easily. You can easily find cricket and insect diets for gut loading and they are easily accessible in the market. Insects should be a part of your bearded dragon’s diet every other day because they are best for the health of your bearded dragon.

Bearded dragon diet plan- Dietary supplements

In the plan of bearded dragon diet you also need to feed your pet supplements. Keep in mind, your bearded dragon will need a calcium and vitamin D3 supplements to avoid any ailment or serious health disease. The deficiency of Vitamin D3 can cause a metabolic bone disease to your dragon. Dietary supplements are usually comes in power form and are available on different pet care stores.

Bearded Dragons Diet

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Bearded dragon diet plan is very important for the health of your bearded dragon:

One of the most important aspects of your dragon is its diet plan. Bearded dragon diet and food feeding plays a very crucial role in the life of your bearded dragon. If you are not expert in this matter then you can also take the help of reliable and expert bearded dragon diet planners.
They are usually available on the reptile care forums and websites to provide you timely help and best bearded dragon diet plan. Remember, a sufficient of mineral supplement is very important for your pet to keep your bearded dragons health up to top level.
Again, a good bearded dragon diet plan can easily save pet’s life from numerous diseases and will provide you the ease of spending a happy life with your bearded dragons.